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We will be using expressionengine as a CMS for what will be a very secure site regarding any sort of updates to content. This site will require (at least) two people to authorise a publish through expressionengine (e.g. a new post, page edit etc).

We have an existing outdated bespoke CMS which provides us with this functionality which we would ideally like to duplicate, or of course improve in expressionengine. The way it works is that someone submits a change which will be placed in a draft state. A peer or superior will then be required to confirm the change to push the content live, by accessing the draft post and simply clicking a confirm checkbox with an optional comment.

So I guess my question is:

Does an extension exist which can provide this functionality?


Would this functionality be difficult to implement for a moderately skilled PHP developer?

Of course any suggestions would also be appreciated on this topic if this functionality is deemed too problematic.


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There are three workflow add-ons which you will want to evaluate for your project.

Better Workflow

NSM Publish Plus


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Have a look at the Better Workflow add-on, I think it fills your requirements nicely.

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