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I need to install susy with gem. When I type

sudo gem install susy --version 0.9

It would result an error message:

ERROR:  Could not find a valid gem 'susy' (= 0.9) in any repository

However I have checked the source at github and the 0.9 tag does exist.

How can this happen? How to force rubygem to download those specific version instead of the latest version?

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The 0.9 version of the Susy gem was called compass-susy-plugin. What you want is:

gem install compass-susy-plugin
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When I run:

gem install susy --version 0.9 -V

I see that gem is going to rubygems.org for the gem in question.

However when I look for the susy gem on that server, all I find is version 1.0.1.

In your Gemfile, you could try to specify the source of the gem from a git repo as they do in this question.

Normally, you'd put all of your gems you want to use in a Gemfile and then run bundle install from the directory that contains the Gemfile.

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