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I've got a variable and I need to check if it has only captials. For Example:

ABCDEF should match

But ABcdef shouldn't

How can I do it?

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Use findstr and errorlevel. See the example below. Note that you might expect "^[A-Z]*$" to work as the pattern, but it doesn't as mentioned here.

Also note there is no space between %X%and | character, this is important.

C:\>SET Y=ABcdef

C:\>echo %errorlevel%


C:\>echo %errorlevel%
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lessthanideal has a solution that will strictly verify that the string only contains capital letters. But I wonder if punctuation and or numerals should be allowed? If so, then it is better to check for the existence of a lower-case letter.

Also, you don't need to see the output of the FINDSTR command, so it can be redirected NUL. And you can use the && and || operators to detect success and failure.

I am using echo( so that a blank line is echoed if the variable is undefined instead of ECHO is on.. Most people use echo., but that form can fail under some circumstances, and echo( never fails.

@echo off
set x=ABC_123
set y=AbC_123
echo(%x%|findstr /v "[abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz]" >nul && (
  echo %x% is Valid
) || (
  echo %x% is Invalid
echo(%y%|findstr /v "[abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz]" >nul && (
  echo %y% is Valid
) || (
  echo %y% is Invalid
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