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I want to create an Android app using which I can control my PC. I want to make my phone behave as mouse as well as a keyboard. But unfortunately, I don't know where and how to start!

Please help me with resources, APIs, etc and also tell me what concepts I need to grasp to make such an app.

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Why don't you download the free 2x client app and take a look at how they did it, then take it from there. Remote Desktop Protocol Provider API is the technology you will probably want to use.

you can use Remote Computer Over Android.

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You might need to use Virtual Network Computing to be able to control another computer remotely.

This is one of the best apps I have seen on the marketplace which lets you do so, so you can have a look at it to see what all features you can implement in your application.

And lastly, here is the source of an open-source project on Android VNC Viewer, which you can use as a platform to understand the functioning and implemetation of the application.

Good luck!

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