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I want only a single notification after all the bulk insertion is done into database. Please provide an example to use bulkInsert() function. I cannot find a proper example on internet. Please Help!!!!

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This is bulkInsert using ContentProvider.

public int bulkInsert(Uri uri, ContentValues[] values){
    int numInserted = 0;
    String table;

    int uriType = sURIMatcher.match(uri);

    switch (uriType) {
    case PEOPLE:
        table = TABLE_PEOPLE;
    SQLiteDatabase sqlDB = database.getWritableDatabase();
    try {
        for (ContentValues cv : values) {
            long newID = sqlDB.insertOrThrow(table, null, cv);
            if (newID <= 0) {
                throw new SQLException("Failed to insert row into " + uri);
        getContext().getContentResolver().notifyChange(uri, null);
        numInserted = values.length;
    } finally {         
    return numInserted;

Call it only once when you will have more ContentValues in ContentValues[] values array.

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Thanks a lot. It worked just fine for me. –  ArpitLearning Oct 5 '12 at 14:36

I searched forever to find a tutorial to implement this on activity side and content provider side. I used "Warlock's" answer from above and it worked great on the content provider side. I used the answer from this post to prepare the ContentValues array on the activity end. I also modified my ContentValues to receive from a string of comma separated values (or new lines, periods, semi colons). Which looked like this:

ContentValues[] bulkToInsert;
    List<ContentValues>mValueList = new ArrayList<ContentValues>();

    String regexp = "[,;.\\n]+"; // delimiters without space or tab
    //String regexp = "[\\s,;.\\n\\t]+"; // delimiters with space and tab
    List<String> splitStrings = Arrays.asList(stringToSplit.split(regexp));

    for (String temp : splitStrings) {
        Log.d("current student name being put: ", temp);
        ContentValues mNewValues = new ContentValues();
        mNewValues.put(Contract.KEY_STUDENT_NAME, temp );
        mNewValues.put(Contract.KEY_GROUP_ID, group_id);
    bulkToInsert = new ContentValues[mValueList.size()];
    getActivity().getContentResolver().bulkInsert(Contract.STUDENTS_CONTENT_URI, bulkToInsert);

I couldn't find a cleaner way to attach the delineated split string straight to the ContentValues array for bulkInsert. But this functions until I find it.

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