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i'm trying to override AdvancedCustomDrawItem Method since i want to make my owner TreeView this is my attempt :

type TTreeView=class (Vcl.ComCtrls.TTreeView )
  procedure AdvancedCustomDrawItem(
  Node: TTreeNode; State: TCustomDrawState; Stage: TCustomDrawStage;
  var PaintImages, DefaultDraw: Boolean);override;


but i got this error : [dcc32 Error] Unit1.pas(10): E2137 Method 'AdvancedCustomDrawItem' not found in base class

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You cannot override that method because it doesn't exist. The OnAdvancedCustomDrawItem event is fired from CustomDrawItem which you can override. It is declared like this in TCustomTreeView:

function CustomDrawItem(Node: TTreeNode; State: TCustomDrawState;
  Stage: TCustomDrawStage; var PaintImages: Boolean): Boolean; virtual;

The base implementation fires both OnCustomDrawItem and OnAdvancedCustomDrawItem events.

If you want to get anywhere with this endeavour you'll need to consult the source code for this control.

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Thank you David for your help !! – S.MAHDI Oct 4 '12 at 17:50

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