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I have some jar files that need to read files at startup. These files are located in directories next the jar files. This is how my directory listing looks like:


Then, in a command line prompt, I set the classpath as:

set CLASSPATH=./ext/*;./*

Then I run the program but it keeps complaining that it cannot find the "configfile.cfg".

/config/configfile.cfg file not found!

This error comes from this code:

try {
    r = new BufferedReader(new FileReader((String)botinfilename));
catch (FileNotFoundException e) {
    System.err.println(botinfilename + " is not found");

I noticed it works if I put the /config directory inside the jar file. But if I remove it and put it next to the jar it does not find the config file.

Is there some java setting trick to make this work?


I launch my program like this:

java StartProgram

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Have you tried using an absolute path to see if that works when the config file is outside the jar? –  monkybonk05 Oct 4 '12 at 16:15

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To keep it short, I just added the "-cp" JVM option. My problem was I need to add the root directory (where my jars and resources are located) to my classpath. Previously I had just added the jars with the * wildcard.

java -cp PATH_ROOT_DIR/;PATH_TO_ROOT_DIR/*;PATH_TO_ROOT_DIR/ext/* StartProgram

or you can set the class path

set CLASSPATH=./;./ext/*;./*
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