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I have a domain class:

class Searcher  {
    String names
    List<String> getExperiments() {
        return names.split(',');

    void setExperiments(List<String> list) {
         names = list.join(',');

and a bean defined in the resource file

experiments(com.fxpal.querium.experiment.ExperimentHolder) {
    otherProp = 'foo'

The experiments bean is semantically different from the experiments property of the Searcher class. How do I prevent Spring from auto-wiring a specific property of a specific bean? Since the experiments property of the Searcher bean is derived, I don't want Spring to touch it at all.

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Why not just name your bean experimentHolder? By default its going to auto wire by name.

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The basic question is how to prevent auto-wiring for specific properties. It seems like this should be possible. It's also interesting that all bean names are in the same logical namespace, so combining classes from different libraries can create naming conflicts. Or is there a way around that? – Gene Golovchinsky Oct 6 '12 at 1:53

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