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On my index controller I have the following new translations:

$this->pageTitle = yii::t('sitename','what we do');
Yii::app()->clientScript->registerMetaTag(yii::t('sitename','foo bar foo foo bar'), 'description');
Yii::app()->clientScript->registerMetaTag(yii::t('sitename','foo, bar, foo, bar'), 'keywords');

I then go to my command line, I run:

./yiic message ../app/messages/config.php

I get:

Saving messages to /Users/user/Sites/sitename.dev/app/messages/en/sitename.php...nothing new...skipped.

Here's my app messages/config.php file:

 * This is the configuration for generating message translations
 * for the Yii framework. It is used by the 'yiic message' command.
return array(

Can anyone help me out figuring why this is happening please ?

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Found it.

Letter case IS VERY IMPORTANT. I've wrongly used yii::t(); instead of Yii::t();

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