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I'm refactoring some code that normally requires the user to click a button for a popup menu to appear (it appears beside the button), what I'm trying to do is show the popup menu if the user hovers the mouse over the button icon for a preset duration and hide it again if the user moves onto another button icon.

However, activating the menu via gtk_menu_popup steals mouse and keyboard focus, I have made little progress trying to grab focus for the button widget.

Is it possible to return focus to the button icon?

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Have you tried calling gtk_widget_set_can_focus((GtkWidget *)menu, FALSE); immediately after creating the menu with GtkMenu menu = gtk_menu_new();? You can let the menu grab the focus afterwards, if you call gtk_widget_set_can_focus((GtkWidget *)menu, TRUE); and after the menu is realized and visible call gtk_widget_grab_focus((GtkWidget *)menu);. – Nominal Animal Oct 4 '12 at 20:48
I believe that gtk_grab_add was the cause of my problems, invoking gtk_grab_remove did the trick, along with similar calls to the gdk subsystem – Gearoid Murphy Oct 7 '12 at 15:10
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Debugging this turned out to be quite troublesome, as gtk_menu_popup grabs the gdk keyboard and pointer focus, which prevents one from stepping through the code with gdb, I eventually managed it by running the code in a VM and using a remote debugging session with gdb over SSH.

There are a few different mechanisms through which the popup may steal focus from the original widget

  1. Via transient window relationships (only if you pass parent_menu_shell)
  2. Via gdk_pointer_grab
  3. Via gtk_grab_add

As I set the parent_menu_shell shell parameter to NULL, this meant that I had to undo the last two 'grabs', like so:


This did the trick but focus gets temporarily stolen by the popup, which causes problems too

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