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This is the code to execute a command and return the output. The problem is that if I kill the testProcess, "ping" keeps on going. I tried also with

    QObject *parent;
    parent=new QObject;
    myprocess *p;
    p=new myprocess(parent);


sorry for my english


    class myprocess : public QProcess{
        myprocess( QObject *parent = 0 );
    protected slots:
    void readyOut();
    void readyErr();

testProcess.cpp main:

    myprocess *p;
    p=new myprocess;


    p->start("ping -t www.google.com");


    delete p;

(bad editor)

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If you want your process to close when the application closes then you could connect to the core application aboutToQuit() signal. It would look something like this

connect( QCoreApplication::instance(), SIGNAL(aboutToQuit()), p, SLOT(kill()));

There is also a terminate() slot in the process that could be used, but I think kill() may be more appropriate in your situation.

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