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There was a great question/answer on setting up tomcat (within eclipse) to write log files to disk (see answer by @codesta): Where can I view Tomcat log files in Eclipse?

Through the Edit Launch Configuration Properties wizard in eclipse I can specify which file to write my logs to. However, since it is a single file, it gets overwritten every time the server restarts. I already have access to the current log through the console in eclipse, but is there a way to make this a rolling file so that I can have history?

I have played around with only specifying a directory in the file path, but then no logs are written out.

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Follow the instructions to use log4j for Tomcat's internal logging:

The tomcat-juli jars that you need can be found here:

Substitute whatever version of Tomcat you're using. Your CATALINA_HOME for the purpose of libraries will be wherever you have Tomcat installed, but the CATALINA_HOME for your configuration files will likely be:


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I'm mostly concerned about the application logs (we are using logback for those), not the internal logging of tomcat. – Noremac Oct 5 '12 at 21:08

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