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Using ubuntu, just suddently I am getting the following error when i am trying to connect to my svn to do any operation,checkout,commit etc. :

    Authentication realm: <https:.....> Subversion server
    Password for 'loginusername': 
    Authentication realm: <https:.....> Subversion server
    Username: username
    Password for 'svnusername': 
    Authentication realm: <https:......> Subversion server
    Username: username
    Password for 'svnusername': 

    svn: OPTIONS of 'https:.......': authorization failed: 
    Could not authenticate 
    to server: ignored NTLM challenge, 
    rejected Basic challenge (https://.........)

I tried removing the auth file but the problem remains. Any idea?

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I'd say your password has changed in the repository if basic authentication fails.

Do you control your repository or is it remotely hosted? If remotely hosted and the hosting provider has a portal, log in and check your credentials—maybe someone reset your password.

Did you remove the entire .subversion/auth/ directory? If not, try that.

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