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I have a website and now I`m building a WinRT app for it. I use a JSON API both for web and for WinRT app.

One component is a picture gallery, where pictures have access control, so only specific users can download them.

Authorization is made using cookies, for WinRT they are held inside System.Net.Http.HttpClient object.

I tried to bind picture url`s as ImageSource for Image controls, but it fails because resource loader doesn`t send cookies to server.

I want to use binding because of it cleareness and simplicity, I don`t want to make complex code for such task as setting image inside a view.


  1. How can I bind ImageSource and force loader to send cookies to server when it tries to download a picture?

  2. Is there a way to save simplicity of binding syntax and add custom loader behavior?

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I ended up with custom control with Source and HttpClient properties, which uses HttpClient to download picture and this client is shared across all app.

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