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I have this xml file - payload.xml

    <Controller id="c">
    <StructData name="Root">
        <F name="@ErrorOccured"/>
        <F name="@TransitionErrorOccurred"/>
        <List name="DataList" aspect="Delete"/>
        <List name="DataList" aspect="New">
            <Item name="001">
                <F name="CreationDateTime" >2012/04/26</F>
                <F name="ProductDescription" />
            <Item name="01F">
                <F name="CreationDateTime" >2012/08/09</F>
                <F name="ProductDescription" >Smartphone 16GB</F>
            <Header name="@tableSize">316 </Header>
        <Event event="$Core" operation="$AddRow" path="/Root/DataList"/>

I want to extract a node with particular name and particular attribute, eg.g if I want to extract

<Item name="001">
                <F name="CreationDateTime" >2012/04/26</F>
                <F name="ProductDescription" />

Is there any way to do it in one way without looping through all elements of .find('Item')

e.g. can I do something like .find('Item') - > attribute name = '001'


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Yes, you can do it using the jQuery selectors you're used to.

Demonstration (open the console to see what's logged)

Let's say your xml is in a var xmlText, you parse it using

var $xml = $($.parseXML(xmlText));

And then you find your item using

var yourItem = $xml.find('item[name="001"]'); // note the lowercase
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Awesome. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks. –  Tintin Oct 4 '12 at 18:46

This tutorial may be helpful: http://www.w3schools.com/xml/xml_parser.asp Here is an example of code you could use.

xmlDoc=parser.parseFromString('<Remoting><Respon...oller>    </Response></Remoting>',"text/xml");
items = xmlDoc.getElementsByTagName('Item');
firstItem = items[0];
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