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Recently the app I've submitted to the Apple App Store was rejected because the reviewer was unable to purchase IAP items. However I've tested again the app in the same deployment device of the reviewer and the IAP items work perfectly.

The error the reviewer got was due to connection problems or an invalid itunes user. But the reviewer just rejected the app without even trying to purchase the IAP items a second time.

I think the app was then incorrectly rejected but i wonder whether i should appeal to the review board or not, since if i do so i cannot resubmit a new binary until they answer.

Should i just reupload the binary, wait other 8 days for approval (in the hope i get a better reviewer) or is it better to appeal to the review board in this case?

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My experience so far has been very positive with all reviews - incl. the appeals.

Remember, they do not know your app like you do so they behave like any - possibly more critical - user.

You should definitely explain your app in those respects where anyone, incl. the reviewer might have problems with - like failed IAPs. You might consider some additional in app explanatory texts for those cases that help the user to find a solution and not give up and give you negative reviews anyway.

So just submitting the same code might not be the best solution according to your background information.

But most importantly I would never start with a negative attitude against the Apple review team. (certainly not implying that you do!)

Just couple of days ago my App was initially rejected - all I had to do was to explain some background and it was approved the next day. That's what I mean - and in fact, I should have provided this additional information in the first place!

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Thanks for your answer! No i was going to politely appeal to the review team, without getting angry or anything :) But i'm just wondering if i should appeal explaining why that error occurs or resubmit the code with maybe a more informative text in case they get that error. What do you suggest? –  user1417683 Oct 4 '12 at 18:29
As I mentioned, I would try to catch this kind of error in the app and provide some help for the user in these cases. I have several apps that depend on external likns or device connections - lots of effort and code is just to catch these kind of situations and make sure the user will have a poitive user experience as much as possible even in failed cases like this. –  user387184 Oct 4 '12 at 18:32

IMO, only submit a new binary if you can demonstrate that there's a rejection-inducing problem in the original. I've had mixed experience with reviews. Most of the time it's been straight-forward, quick and businesslike.

But for my most recent case, not so much. First a rejection based on an alleged hang in a network transaction at startup time. I could not reproduce with the identical binary I sent and every reasonable starting condition I could think of, and I replied that. A few days later, without mention of the original rejection, they reopened review and rejected on new grounds - requiring documents proving permission by copyright owners of some of the app's content. My lesson #1 is: if you think your app works, push back.

I supplied docs on the copyright permissions, then spent about ten weeks politely requesting status and getting robot replies. I finally escalated to app review board and was approved within a few days. My lesson #2 is: use the app review board when you run out of options with the regular process. I probably should have done that sooner.

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By "replied that", you mean using the Resolution Center? –  user1417683 Oct 7 '12 at 9:31
Yes. I couldn't find any other way to communicate with them. –  danh Oct 7 '12 at 18:46
I get robot replies too. Copy and pasting of the app review guidelines, with no personal response specific to the case. It's very frustrating sometimes. –  bandejapaisa Jul 6 '13 at 12:33

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