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I'm attempting to debug the startup of a service using the IFEO method (which I've successfully done on server versions prior to Windows 2012 on scenarios other than startup). The Debugger reg value is c:\debuggers-x64\cdb.exe -server tcp:port=1234. I then start the service and verify that cdb.exe is listening using netstat -na | findstr 1234 (I verified nothing was listening on this port prior to starting the service). Then I attempt to connect to the debugging server like this windbg.exe -remote tcp:server=localhost,port=1234 but it hangs for maybe 15-30 seconds and then fails. I try again and while it's hanging I run netstat -na | findstr 1234 again and it shows cdb.exe listening on port 1234 and it also shows a SYN_SENT to on port 1234 (presumably sent by windbg.exe). It remains in the SYN_SENT state until windbg.exe reports a failure to connect.

So TCP connection establishment never completes. I checked the firewall and it's turned off. I also tried using the IP address of the network adapter (as opposed to localhost) but I get the same behavior. I also tried having cdb.exe listen on a port > 5000 but that also has the same behavior.

Does anyone know if there's new security introduced in Server 2012 for accessing TCP ports?


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i usually don't use localhost if implied, and use a port range; my setup looks like this: -server tcp:port=5000:5100 and -remote tcp:port=5000:5100. As a side note, you could try procmon to inspect network traffic and detect possible connection issues. –  deemok Oct 4 '12 at 21:30
Thanks @deemok. Have you been able to do this on server 2012? –  Marc Sherman Oct 4 '12 at 21:38
nope, i never had to do on this specific server os, but i will give it a try first thing in the morning. –  deemok Oct 4 '12 at 22:37
unfortunately, we're still a bit behind and the test lab does not have any systems with 2012 server installed. did you have any progress? –  deemok Oct 5 '12 at 12:45
@deemok no progress on the tcp transport but my coworker tried named pipes and that worked. He did this for the server c:\windbgx64\cdb.exe -server npipe:pipe=PipeName and this for the client C:\windbgx64>windbg.exe -remote npipe:server=localhost,pipe=PipeName. –  Marc Sherman Oct 5 '12 at 15:21

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