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sorry for my ignorance but my expectation is that this would work:

from google.appengine.ext import ndb
from models import myModels

delete_futures = []
delete_futures.append(ndb.delete_multi_async(myModels.Kind1.query().fetch(999999, keys_only=True)))
delete_futures.append(ndb.delete_multi_async(myModels.Kind2.query().fetch(999999, keys_only=True)))


but it throws "TypeError: list objects are unhashable".

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Bear in mind that this isn't terribly async - fetching the list of keys is still going to be done synchronously. –  Nick Johnson Oct 5 '12 at 13:05

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perhaps use .extend to create a single list rather then a list of lists?

Wait until all Futures in the passed list are done.

Not expecting your passed list of lists maybe.

delete_futures = []
delete_futures.extend(ndb.delete_multi_async(myModels.Kind1.query().fetch(999999,          keys_only=True)))
delete_futures.extend(ndb.delete_multi_async(myModels.Kind2.query().fetch(999999, keys_only=True)))


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dargh! thanks... not really a GAE NDB question then but a lack of understanding of python lists. works now! –  rocketboy2000 Oct 4 '12 at 18:46

each call to delete_multi_async returns a list of futures, so your delete_futures list is a list of lists. Change your appends to extend and it should work

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