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Iam newbie.. Sory my english is very bad..

I created an android-pc remote to control pc pointer with android accelerometer sensor and touch sensor by wifi connection..

I send sensor data every sensor get change.. but my app is offten get stuck when send the data..

I use DataOutputStream and DataInputStream method for send/receive data between device and PC..

sometimes device get stuck and not send anything a few seconds, and then run again..

my question, why the android device get stuck? whether the DataOutputStream method is not appropriate for high frequency I/O ?

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Use some sort of debugging, monitoring, logging, and/or instrumentation to figure out where in the code the "stuck" happens, and that will point you in the direction of why. As asked, there is not enough information to help you. –  Matt Ball Oct 4 '12 at 18:42
thank's for u response Matt.. if u want I will send my project to u.. and u can check the problem.. :) I really need help.. –  riefcurl Oct 4 '12 at 18:59
No, thank you. Do your own debugging. –  Matt Ball Oct 4 '12 at 19:00

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Two things you should think about:

1.) This has already been done. You'd be reinventing the wheel.

2.) If you would just like to use the touch screen to control your mouse cursor then that's fine. However, if you are considering using the accelerometer to actually use the android phone as an actual mouse (how you'd normally hold a mouse), then I'll inform you that the accelerometer data is extremely finicky and contains a lot of noise. More importantly, you only have acceleration and controlling your cursor using acceleration is not a reasonable idea (trust me, I've tried). You need a velocity vector to actually use your android phone as a mouse. If you can come up with a solution for that then good for you.

Now, to actually answer your question, use UDP DatagramPackets to send data to and from your phone to your computer over Wi-Fi, this means you will need the IP addresses of your phone and computer. UDP is a transfer protocol that's fast enough to let you transfer all that sensor data. This means your cursor won't randomly stop working because your phone hasn't sent the data in time.

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