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I'm using MiniBufExplorer and NERD tree to develop in Vim. I usually have the following screens:


where N is NERD tree, M is MiniBufExplorer and S is the file I'm looking at.

I sometimes forget to use :sh to get to a shell, and I hit :q on the S split, which makes it so toggling NERD tree will either make a full-screen NERD tree split or a full screen source view, but never where it was before where NERD tree was off to the left (MiniBufExplorer doesn't change).

How can I "reset" the splits to get the old behavior back after that? I've basically been doing :qa to completely exit Vim, but obviously that closes everything.

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not a direct answer to your question, but maybe something that will solve your problem:

"When you close a file, the tab closes with it. No NERDTree hanging open."

Nerdtree is just the worst thing to deal with. That plugin-for-a-plugin makes it bearable.

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You could try using sessions - make a session of your setup with


and restore it with

source Session.vim

if your splits get mucked up.

Think you'll need to use the session.vim plugin though if NERDTree is involved: see Vim, NERDtree not recovered in session restore.

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