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I'm looking for large-scale world maps that I can shade by country. Google Charts has an API for this but it only allows you to generate a small map (440x220 px). Does anyone know of a way to generate such maps with an open-source library?

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Do you need to accommodate IE? I ask because there's not SVG support in IE, just VML... – Derek Swingley Aug 14 '09 at 4:02
There's svgweb that enables IE to show SVG (using a flash-based shim), code.google.com/p/svgweb. An example of a dynamic SVG map using svgweb, see here: vis.uell.net/gsvg/electionAtlasGermany.html – Erik Dahlström Oct 11 '09 at 13:22

I work on a library which provides functionality similar to described in the question. It's called jVectorMap. This is a jQuery plugin, which allows to place world map components on web pages using SVG in modern browsers and VML in IE 6-8. You can customize it in many ways, changing look and behavior of map. Unfortunately documentation is not ready yet. You can check out example and code here http://jvectormap.owl-hollow.net/.

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In the meantime, google released Geochart Maps, an update to the geomap. It creates SVG maps, and you can make them whatever size you want, with aspect ratio or not. I developed a plugin to build maps using this API for wordpress. Check it out at http://cmoreira.net/interactive-world-maps-demo/

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With the Wikipedia SVG Maps you can "shade" countries by simply using CSS.

Some examples of using such maps (SVG, CSS, HTML, JS) can be found here. That will export either a full map, or just the stylesheet which can be applied to a local copy of the map. I'd recommend using Opera for the best viewing experience, but it should work in all the browsers that support SVG.

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+1 That's pretty cool. – Chris B Aug 17 '09 at 14:59

These days, I would recommend using either Polymaps or d3. The former is a full-fledged "slippy maps" library that works with SVG. The latter is a visualization library that works with SVG and has a growing amount of geo features. If you don't need pan, zoom, and other "slippy" features, then try d3, like this example: http://mbostock.github.com/d3/ex/choropleth.html

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The Geomap, from the Google Visualization API, can be sized as large as you want; however, it uses Flash instead of SVG.

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Wikipedia has a lot of SVG Maps, but it is not a library.

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Check amMap: http://www.ammap.com - we have SVG maps of most countries of the world and a API for making these maps interactive, zoomable, etc.

Disclaimer - I am the author of the amMap.

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As its author, I recommend http://www.makeclickablemap.com for SVG based mapping. It has growing number of countries and a beautiful easy to use interface to edit your maps that you can embed anywhere using an iframe.

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