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I've been trying to install Kannel opensource gateway for sending free sms on my computer. But I never managed to make it work by reading the guide from the official website. So I'm starting over and interested in all information I can get.

  • What hardware do I need?
  • Can I install it on Ubuntu 12.04?
  • Could someone post a link of a good tutorial, or write one here on step-by-step Kannel installation.

Edit: Also, an example of sms sending using a php script would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance :)

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I am concerned about your idea of "sending free sms on my computer".

While Kannel can be used to send SMS from your computer, you will require one of that :

A SMSC will probably charge you for the services. Using a GSM modem or Phone means you have a valid SIM, linked to a paid mobile phone plan. Either way, you will pay someone.

There are packages available for Ubuntu 12.04 here.

And here is a good tutorial on installing Kannel from source and configuring it, using a GSM modem.

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