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I'm trying to run a while loop in Tornado while keeping the WebSocketHandler open. I've tried to implement gen.Task:

class WSHandler(tornado.websocket.WebSocketHandler):
    count = db.my_collection.count() - 1
    cursor = coll.find(tailable=True, await_data=True, skip=count)


    def run(self):
        doc = yield gen.Task(curse)

    def curse(self):
        while WSHandler.cursor.alive:
            doc = WSHandler.cursor.next()
            return doc

    def render(doc)
        for c in WSHandler.connections:

So, beside keeping the WebSocket open, WSHandler also has these other custom functions. I need to run a constant loop (curse(self)) to tail the cursor of the mongodb - and asynchronously, so it doesn't block the WebSocketHandler.

Is my setup wrong? Should I put those functions somewhere else? (Where?) How can I run the infinite while loop and keep open WebSocketHandler at the same time?

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It looks like you are using PyMongo, which blocks. The while loop also blocks; putting it in a gen.Task doesn't help that in any way. gen.Task is just sugar for callbacks; it's basically another way of writing:

def run(self):
    doc = self.curse(callback=self.render)

def curse(self, callback=None):
    while self.cursor.alive:
        doc = self.cursor.next()

Tornado is already an infinite while loop; you can't really have another one in a Tornado app, nor should you. What you can do is use an asynchronous db client (like asyncmongo, for example), which should allow you to simply:

cursor = coll.find(tailable=True, callback=render, ...)

and have your callback method fire when a document is received.

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