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I'm creating multiple DIVs according to database records at my C# behind code. How could I make them runat server ?

Thanks in advance ..

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Create and add ASP.NET Panels. –  Tim Schmelter Oct 4 '12 at 19:50

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Use a custom control that pulls the data and renders it how you would like. Kind of like this:

public class MyDivControl : System.Web.UI.Control
    private System.Data.DataTable tblMyResults;
    protected override void Render(System.Web.UI.HtmlTextWriter writer)
        // Get your Data (or do it on Page_Load if you'll need it more than once
        if (tblMyResults != null && tblMyResults.Rows.Count > 0)
            int iIndex = 0;
            foreach (System.Data.DataRow rItem in tblMyResults.Rows)
                writer.WriteLine("<div id=\"{0}_{1}\">", this.ClientID, iIndex++);
                //Whatever content you want here using your rows.

Then just drop the control on the page where you want it to render.

<%@ Page Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true" CodeBehind="default.aspx.cs" Inherits="Solution.Web.Presentation.pub._default" MasterPageFile="~/ui/master/main.master" %>
<%@ Register TagPrefix="custom" Namespace="MyNameSpace" Assembly="MyProjectAssembly" %>
<asp:Content runat="server" ContentPlaceHolderID="cntMain">

<custom:MyDivControl runat="server" />

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You can use Repeater Control

<asp:Repeater ID="Repeater1" runat="server">
      <div id="box<%# Eval("ID")%>" runat="server"></div>

and bind data from codebehind

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That's not necessary, just create a HtmlGenericControl and add it to the controls collection:

HtmlGenericControl div = HtmlGenericControl("div")
div.Id = "myid";
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Create and add ASP.NET Panels.

The code

<asp:Panel id="abc" runat="server">

is exactly the same as if you do:

<div id="abc" runat="server">

They render the same, but it's the functionality with other WebControls that the Panel is most used, and the Panel web control gives you more control under code-behind as it exposes more properties.

If you want to access a DIV on serverside, you could also add runat="server". It will be created as HtmlGenericControl.

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