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How can I increase brightness in specific area of a UIImageView, For ex:I have an imageview with image.I want to increase the brightness of image in specific elliptical area of that image. I know how to increase the brightness of whole image , But dont know for specific elliptical area.

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You can add a black UIView with a specific alpha apply on it (this will control how dark you want your view) and attach a mask layer to this view that has an ellipse. For the part of your view that is masked it will be brighter.

You need to import the Quartzcore framework when you are working with layer/mask. The mask is a property of your view layer ([yourView layer].mask).

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Let me check this , Mean while ,Can you please post some lines of code if possible ? –  Raj Oct 5 '12 at 4:14
This one not work well for me, but the idea is good , What is did is took 2 images , one is original and second is brightened , I crop the brightened image in elliptical shape and just add subview above the original image.So the result will look like some part of original image is brightened ..thank you Tiguero –  Raj Oct 5 '12 at 6:00

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