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I've created a Java application in Eclipse JavaEE on Windows (yay for me!!) and I compiled it into an executable jar. I created a .bat file that runs that jar. I put that all into a folder system with the required images and libraries to run my program successfully.

Now I want to install this onto other computers.

I am OK with just clicking the bat file but I want my users to be able to see the program displayed in the startmenu, and launch it from there. I am thinking of creating a setup.exe to handle the installation, but not sure how (iexpress.exe works for .exe programs) I don't really need the setup.exe it would suffice to just add program to the start menu and point it the bat file, but how??

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I can not compile it any other way. I am replicating an old software –  Jabda Oct 4 '12 at 20:05

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Take a look at the NSIS tool. A fairly powerful, scriptable, installer creation system with a very manageable learning curve.

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There are a couple of installer generators that either support Java applications, or are specifically designed to create installers for Java programs. Of the latter category IzPack is one of the better known. I've never developed an installer with IzPack so I cannot offer you a developer perspective but I've encountered several software packages that use IzPack (see their references), and the generated installers are very nice.

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