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I want to create a dust.js template but with inline javascript function. It that possible? The problem is with single '{' as a template character.

For instance:

  function test(var) { alert('Hi {name} with ' + var); };
  Hello {name} 

Can I switch dust's special char to "{{"?

PS. I know that there's {~rb} but using it with inline JS would be a horror.

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It works for me. Because you have parentheses, curly braces, and spaces inside of your curly braces, the content within the curly braces is not parsed as a Dust reference. Those characters are not legal characters for Dust references.

Try it out here for LinkedIn Dust or here for akdubya Dust.

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Yeah, your right. Any special character forces Dust to ignore the expression. And there's another thing one has to be aware of while writing JS code with Dust: brackets must have at least one white character inside. This way Dust will always ignore the content. –  andrew.fox Oct 5 '12 at 18:50

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