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I have 2 asterisk servers (server_A and server_B), On both I store CDR records in MySql. My question: Is there any way how to join CDR records from both servers, when user from server_A call to user from server_B??

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could you use a customflag to detect from which server the call is? –  pce Oct 8 '12 at 11:34

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In this case, you can automatically append a system identifier to front of the unique IDs by setting systemname in the asterisk.conf file (for each of your boxes):


Further info:

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For each SIP device, either ensure that you define:


... or ...


... where you would naturally replace "the_user_id+the_server_id" with meaningful data.

You can then tweak your MySQL CDRs so that you are storing either "accountcode" or "user_server" as a field. If you want to get very clever -- and it's likely a good idea for data fault tolerance anyway -- set up MySQL replication between the two servers so you're actually writing to the same Database/Table for your CDR data.

Further reading:

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