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If you put style in app.xmal, then you can get the style with the code like:

Style = Application.Current.Resources["myStyle"] as Style;

But if I put style in a dictionary resource of a separate file Styles.xmal like:

                <ResourceDictionary Source="Assets/Styles.xaml"/>

Then how to get the style in code?

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Found out reason: code

Style = Application.Current.Resources["myStyle"] as Style;

works fine. My problem is caused by some other factors.

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  • be careful not to do this.Resources for the current object by mistake if what you're looking for is in Styles.xaml or Resources.xaml
  • also don't expect to see all the resources in the 'add watch' dialog for Application.Current.Resources. ones defined in XAML won't be there (at least not on the top level)
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