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I am new to Matlab environment

I tried to implenment the Matlab sockets server using the existing java server sockets code here is the code of Matlab server


        providerSocket = ServerSocket(4443, 10);

        System.out.println('Waiting for connection');
        connection = providerSocket.accept();
        System.out.println('Connection received from ');

        out =  ObjectOutputStream(connection.getOutputStream());
        in =  ObjectInputStream(connection.getInputStream());
        sendMessage('Connection successful');

    catch ME

Here is the error i got when executed in matlab...

    error(ME.identifier, 'Connection Error: %s', ME.message)

Connection Error: Java exception occurred: Unrecognized Windows Sockets
error: 0: JVM_Bind

at Method)

at Source)

at Source)

at<init>(Unknown Source)

at<init>(Unknown Source)

Thank you Please help me guys

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It's most likely that some other socket is blocking port 4443. If using a different port works, then that was the problem. Get the sysinternals tools to see what ports are open - in particular, TCPView.

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