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I have an e-commerce web site written in Rails 3.2.8 which sells tickets for music events. So far I've been using simple RESTful routes in the application:

/ => default route: /events

All events used to happen in the same place, but from now on there's going to be two places, let's say "Morumbi" and "Maracanã". Place is a model in the application, and it's a very important distinction between the events. So I'd like to make the place name a part of the path, and have routes like this:

/ => default route: page to choose place
/morumbi => same as /morumbi/events
/maracana => same as /maracana/events

Although I know how to do that using the #match method, I have already a good number of routes created with the much more maintainable #resources method, and I'd like to keep them.

Do you know a solution avoiding the use of #match?

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You need to use the #scope method:

scope path: ':place_name', as: 'place' do
  resources :events

So GET /morumbi/events/1 will call EventsController#show with parameters id: '1' and place_name: 'morumbi'.

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