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Using twitter bootstrap I want to conditionally disable the modal windows that it calls. I have this function:

Link like:

<a data-toggle="modal" href="#contact">Contact</a>

JS like:

if (Modernizr.touch){
$("a[data-toggle='modal']").each(function() {
    this.href = this.href.replace('/#', '/');
    $(this).data('toggle', '');

I have this script included before bootstrap.min.js is loaded, but still when I click on the links now nothing happens. I think that it's related to the data-toggle attribute, but I have no idea how else to get rid of it.

Thinking of switching it and trying to add the attribute, but I doubt that will work (for the same reason) and I'd prefer not to have to change the markup.

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As a side note, are you trying to replace #contact with /contact in that replace? I think you have an extra / in there. –  Sara Oct 4 '12 at 22:31
I think the href must come out as the full url path, because that aspect is working proper –  Damon Oct 5 '12 at 13:18

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You could try:

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