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Guys i have a little problem ... thing i did is ... i have 6-7 HTML tables over HTML page , so when user click some of the rows i add data to session , so on button ShowAll click i call javascript function that calls php and goes with sql query to get data and i echo whole new table ... and when i echo that table , all other table gets messed up , hover over td is messed up , i can not click on them , i was checking echo of new table and structure is ok , i do not understand whats happening ... here is some of the code

This is where i call php page from javascript

xmlhttp.onreadystatechange = function () {
    if (xmlhttp.readyState == 4 && xmlhttp.status == 200) {
        document.getElementById("TicketToInsert").innerHTML = xmlhttp.responseText;

xmlhttp.open("POST", "getUserTicket.php", false);

This is php page

$result = mysql_query($sql);

while ($p < $numBettingRows) {
    $number = mysql_result($result,$p,"NumberUser");
    $Tip = $FormatedTips[$p];

    if($Tip == 2)
        $Tip = "X";
    else if ($Tip == 3)
        $Tip = "2";
        $Tip = "1";
    echo '<tr>';

    echo '<td class="TicketID" id="'.$rez.'">'; 
    echo '</td>';

    echo '<td>';
    echo '<button class="LeftSideTeams" name="'.$rez.'" type="button" onclick="UserTicketChange(this.name,1)">'.$Tim1Name.'</button>';
    echo '</td>';

    echo '<td>';
    echo '<button class="x_normal" name="'.$rez.'" type="button" onclick="UserTicketChange(this.name,2)"><label id="'.$number.'">'.$Tip.'</label></button>';
    echo '</td>';

    echo '<td>';
    echo '<button class="RightSideTeams" name="'.$rez.'" type="button" onclick="UserTicketChange(this.name,3)">'.$Tim2Name.'</button>';
    echo '</td>';

    echo '</tr>';

And at the end HTML where i add this table

<div id="UserTicket">
  <table id="TicketToInsert" class="MatchesList">
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I finally managed to fix my problem , so here is answer in case someone else comes to same one... it was z-index that was messing the tables as all tables had same css class , so with use of little javascript i changed z-index depending on what user clicked so everything working like charm now

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