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What is a suitable scala library for performing massively concurrent S3 calls, and where can I find sample code showing how the library is used? I have been searching and experimenting for days without discovering a sufficient solution.

A number of libraries implement S3 calls as discrete blocking calls. Others implement them as threaded blocking calls. Some hint at the potential of supporting promises/futures but give insufficient examples.

Simplified question: How do I send S3 a URL, header, and body and immediately return and when S3 responds, I want to pick up the response in context.

Full question: How do I construct 1000 URLs, headers, and bodies, send them, and immediately return and when each response arrives, connect the response with the correct recipient.

Amongst the libraries I have tried (not exhaustive) are the following:

  • dispatch (still the most likely candidate)
  • akka.dispatch
  • jets3t
  • s3lib

Any responses are welcome.

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Are you asking in context of Play framework ? – biesior Oct 5 '12 at 22:31

Check out https://github.com/dispatch/reboot built on NIO.

To use this you can do something as simple as

import dispatch._

def foo = {
  val svc = url("http://api.hostip.info/country.php")
  val country = Http(svc OK as.String)
  val length = for (c <- country) yield c.length

You can do this within parallel collections and since these are all unblocking promised .. For example to do this 1000 times parallely enter the following

(1 to 1000).par.foreach(foo)
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From the first look at the code Apache Async HttpClient is truly async


You can write a simple wrapper that creates a Scala future from completion handler

You can also look at Grizzly/Netty powered http clients

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