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I'm new to CruiseControl.net and am attempting to setup it up for a project I'm working on. The project is kept under subversion, but the whole project is made up of the core project, and several components, each one a separate subversion project, each with a trunk, possible branches and tags. I need to setup cruisecontrol.net so that a change in the main core project subversion folder as well as any of the included components triggers a build. Obviously if the commit consists of files committed to multiple components, I still only want one build. Is it possible?

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It is possible: Use Multi Source Control Block:

<sourcecontrol type="multi">

PITFALL: Note that sourcecontrol node changes from <sourcecontrol type="svn"> to <svn> if used inside Multi Source Control Block.

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Make sure each project includes its component dependencies via svn:externals. Then configure CruiseControl.NET to check externals:


This has the added advantage that you can choose whether to follow the HEAD of the dependency components, or point the svn:externals to a fixed revision.

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