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I'm finding things that are close but either they are Rail 2.x and don't work in 3 or they are different enough that I'm spending a ton of time trying to figure out how to rework them.

Here's what I want to do. We have two type of people, member and guest. Member have member numbers and get a discount. What I like to do in the form is when they enter a member number, to a find in the database and if the member number exists, show a green check, if it doesn't show a red x. This is to improve the experience, rather than having to post the entire form and they pop them back because they fat fingered the member number.

I thought I could use a button_to or a link_to and have them as :remote => true, call a function in the controller and based on that result, unhide the div that contains the image. So of the issues, the function is called but I can't figure out how to denote success or failure. Or it goes to the show.html.erb page rather than then page I'm on. Or my favorite nothing...

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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def valid_member?(member_number)
  member_number = params[:number]
  member = People.find(number: member_number)
  if People.exists?(member)
    render :status => 200, :nothing => true
    render :status => 404, :nothing => true


match "/valid_member" => "people#valid_member"

application.js or people.js

function checkValidMember() {
  $("input#member-number").data("oldVal", $("input#member-number"));
  $("input#member-number").bind("propertychange keyup input paste", function(event){
    if ($(this).data('oldVal') != $(this).val()) {
      $(this).data('oldVal', $(this).val());
      if ( isValidMember($(this).val()) ) {
        // your jquery magic for success case goes here
      else {
        // your jquery magic for failure case goes here

function isValidMember(member_number) {
    url: "valid_member?number="+member_number,
    success: function(data) {
      return true;
    statusCode: {
      404: function() {
        return false;

first edit.

Obviously, you need to have input field with correct id, member-number, as the javascript i wrote above.

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Made a few modifications, like returning Json rather than the status codes, its wasn't working for me. But This worked! Thanks! – Ross R Oct 5 '12 at 1:32

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