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If you are using registerable and confirmable, why is it that you only get registerable styled flash messages?

Active Admin has munged my il8n config, and won't display my devise.en.yml file.

I just want my people to know they are getting an email. The same message that confirmable would deliver, but is some only the registerable is shown.

I tried putting confirmable ahead of registerable in my model, but that didn't change anything.


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Turns out that you need to prepend the devise.en.yml file with things like:

        signed_up: 'Welcome friend! You have signed up successfully.'
        inactive_signed_up: 'Yo! You done signed up. Please Check your email and click the confirmation link to continue.'

Prior to finding this out, I did not prepend with user:, since we have admin: too thanks to active admin. adding user: was the key.

Hopefully google will find this for people trying to change the devise en.yml file and it not taking effect.

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