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I'm following this guide: Spring MVC and I realized that I do not know the difference between a source folder (src) and a plain folder.

I'm using eclipse, so maybe the difference is only useful in an IDE?

Also, I've noticed that java classes tend to go in src folders; whilst every other file goes into a plain folder (or the project root folder).

So, What is the significance of the source folder (src)? Why use a source folder over a plain folder?


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The source folder is only of important to the IDE, other wise it's just like any other folder – MadProgrammer Oct 4 '12 at 22:55

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A source folder is marked by Eclipse as containing java sources. Then, when you compile your project Eclipse will look for your source code into all your source folders.

You can make any folder become a source folder adding it to the java build path. Thus, next time you compile your project Eclipse will also look for java classes in that folder.

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