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I was using the default implementation of the rev listener and as expected the columns in my REVINFO table were: revtstmp and rev.

However, when I overrode the default - all I did was:

... MyRevisionEntity extends DefaultRevisionEntity

those column names were changed to "timestamp" and "id".

Anyone know why?

Using envers 4.1.5_Final...

** EDIT ** As no one has yet answered, I am adding more information.

The Adam Warski authored "DefaultRevisionEntity" class defines only two members: private int id;

and private long timestamp;

Thus, I understand that when I extend that class, those will be the column names that I should expect. However, the "baffling" question is: why was it that when I did NOT extend the default, the columns were different (rev and revtstmp respectively) and also what the documentation said?

Thanks for any help!

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