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i have the following Table;

ID   Integer
CTN length   Decimal

CTN width    Decimal

CTN height   Decimal

Room width   Decimal

Room Length  Decimal

Room Height  Decimal

CTNs Width   Decimal    Computed field = Room Width / CTN width

for example the result of computed field is 12.80

I want to remove the decimal places from the result so the result will be only 12 without any fractions

anybody knows how to do that in VB light switch?

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If you want the value to remain a decimal, just with no decimals after the decimal point, you can use:

Int(Computed field = Room Width / CTN width)

If you also want the value to be converted to an integer:

Cint(Int(Computed field = Room Width / CTN width))

These links give more details:

Conversion.Int Method

Type Conversion Functions (Visual Basic)

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