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I've been banging my head on this all day and am capitulating to you all for help.

I'm trying to create a panel of 5 images across a DIV where a jquery animate() expands each image in succession until all 5 images consume 100% of the width of their container..without wrapping.

Here is the link to the problem:


The initial blockUI displays fine, but once its expires and the normal page is shown, the same five images will display perfectly under some resolutions (I use ctrl-+/- in either FF or IE to test) and others it causes the last image to wrap.

The code to animate the resizing is below, and its purpose is to resize each image up to 20% of the width of the container. I've tried to see if it had to do with rounding and have come up empty. I've looked into CSS options trying some/all of the following:

white-space: nowrap;

$(".service_img").each(function (i) 
    // if the image in question's width is > 20% of its container then re-adjust it to be 20% so it will fit
    if($('#'+this.id).outerWidth() > Math.floor((($('#services_imgs_container').outerWidth()/5)))){
    else {
      $('#'+this.id).animate({width:(Math.floor(($('#services_imgs_container').outerWidth()/5)))},{duration:500, queue:false});
      //$('#'+this.id).animate({width:'19.2%'},{duration:500, queue:false});


Any help is greatly appreciated.


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You can write a function after the resize, and check to see if #services_imgs_container is twice the height of div.service_img:eq(0). If it is reduce the size of each .service_img by one pixel at a time until the statement is no longer true.

something like this

while($('#services_imgs_container').height() >= ($('.service_img:eq(0)').height() * 1.5))
    $('.service_img').css('width': '-=1');
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the width is the problem, but your suggestion remains in force - let me try it and see how it goes. thx. – Ross Oct 5 '12 at 0:01
right, the reason I'm checking for height, is that if the height of the containter is twice the height of the children, then we know it's displaying the children in 2 lines, not one. So if it's on 2 lines I reduce the of each element until it jumps back to one line, in which case the height of the container would also change. – user1289347 Oct 5 '12 at 0:10
Ahh...good idea..I'll try that and let you know. Thx – Ross Oct 5 '12 at 11:56
Ok, this worked, but with the following behavior - even when doing this in a promise.done() after the animate() sometimes the height returned 350 for both and sometimes 700 for the container which would cause this while loop to occur. There seems to be an issue with the while statement executing sometimes before the parent container expands and it evals to false, then the container expands due to the wrap and the problem remains. – Ross Oct 5 '12 at 13:11
Also - the .css should utilize a comma not a colon in the above (small change). – Ross Oct 5 '12 at 13:12

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