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I am trying to get the free disk space from all the logical drives available on the computer using batch and VB.net. Using "wmic" i get the required output and then using VB convert the 'bytes' value to MB/GB/KB but the problem is i am unable to get the VB script to read the text output from 'wmic' command. Below is the 'wmic' code.

wmic LogicalDisk Where DriveType="3" Get DeviceID,FreeSpace > Diskspace.txt

Below the vb code to read the 'diskspace.txt' file

Set objFSO = CreateObject ("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set objFile = objFSO.OpenTextFile ("diskspace.txt",1)
Contents = objFile.Readall

The point being is there a simpler way to get available free space from all the logical drives on the system ? or i am doing something wrong in my above code.

I also tried "/format:csv" parameter in wmic, but not able to get it to read in VB.

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Found the Solution !!

The output of a WMI is on unicode format and needs to be converted to ASCII format for VB to be able to read it.

To convert use the TYPE command (batch) as below

TYPE diskspace.txt > NEWdiskspace.txt
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