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I have three pointers, *player1, *player2 and *currentPlayer.

The pointer *currentPlayer will always be pointing to either *player1 or *player2. To switch between the two, I've been doing the following:

if (currentPlayer == player1) {
        currentPlayer = player2;
else {
    currentPlayer = player1;

My question is, is there a simpler, more elegant way to swap between these two pointers?

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*player1 is not a pointer. player1 is a pointer to the object *player1. –  Kerrek SB Oct 5 '12 at 0:10

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No, conceptually there's no simpler way.

Syntactically the ternary operator is a little shorter:

currentPlayer = currentPlayer == player1 ? player2 : player1;
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If you use an array, this could work too:

currentPlayer = playerArray + (currentPlayer - playerArray ^ 1);
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Ternaire :

currentPlayer = (currentPlayer == player1) ? (player2) : (player1);
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