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The problem:

When I hover over a menu item and begin to mouse down the sub-menu the parent link (i.e. "Templates") loses the properties attributed to it on-hover. I would like it to maintain these properties. I've tried numerous variations to achieve this and have been unable to do so. I assume this is achievable via CSS with Superfish and that I'm simply using the incorrect class.

My css:

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It's because the hover event is attached to the <a>, but the submenu is a child of the <li>. So adding a hover to the <li> will fix it.

EDIT Here is a fiddle

I changed this

.sf-menu a:focus, .sf-menu a:hover, .sf-menu a:active {

to this and it worked for me

.sf-menu a:focus, .sf-menu a:hover, .sf-menu a:active, .sf-menu li:hover a {
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Thank you, this was a true help and has been bugging me for days! – user1721634 Oct 5 '12 at 0:42
@user1721634 glad I could help, I've run into it myself with wordpress menus more times than I can count. – user1289347 Oct 5 '12 at 0:53

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