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,I need to validate a form field so it cannot be a specific string. For example if someone inputs "hello" into a text field and submits the form, how can I throw an error saying that particular string is not allowed? Is there a way to avoid doing this on the client side with javascript so I can keep the feel consistent?

validates_presence of :field_name, #condition here
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you need to pass custom validation

INVALID_STRING = %W(string1, string2, string3, ... )
def valid_field_name    // valid_name
  if INVALID_STRING.include?(self.field_name)
    errors[:base] << "field_name you enter that not valid." unless self.field_name.blank?

call this method

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Custom validations in rails are pretty simple here is an example of throwing an error on an attribute "name" if it is not included in an array of strings.

WHITELIST = %w(string1 string2 otherstring)

validate :name_is_ok

def name_is_ok
  unless WHITELIST.include? name 
    errors[:name] << "is not valid" 
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