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I have a file that looks like below, where the fields are delimited by '?':


When i use

mac = load 'Activity_1295336_01-01-2011.log.gz'using PigStorage('?');

I still cannot access the inner fields, for example mac$1.

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? is reserved for params I guess try changing the delimiter to check –  Satya Oct 5 '12 at 1:03

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It works as expected on my side...

$> pig --version
Apache Pig version 0.9.2-cdh4.0.0 (rexported) 
compiled Jun 04 2012, 17:42:27

$> cat temp1

grunt> a = load '/temp1' using PigStorage('?') as (datetime, id, ip); 
grunt> dump a;
grunt> >> (01-01-2011-04:43:50,2521795691802591407,,)
grunt> b = foreach a { funky = CONCAT(ip, '_-* FUNKY'); generate datetime, id, funky;}
grunt> dump b;
grunt> >> (01-01-2011-04:43:50,2521795691802591407,* FUNKY)
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