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Here is what I currently have:

$columns[] = array(
  'header' => 'Share',
  'type'   => 'html',
  'value'  => "CHtml::link(CHtml::image(''),'#',array())",

what I want to happen is, add the twitter share button as well, just beside that fb button. How to do that?

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Deleted my answer, Misread the question, sorry – Elbek Oct 5 '12 at 3:48
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You can use a CButtonColumn instead:


The template decides of course the buttons to be displayed in the column, and buttons describes the configuration for each button. So in general we specify:

    'buttonsId1'=>array(/*buttonid1 configuration*/),
    'buttonsId2'=>array(/*buttonid2 configuration*/),

For each button's configuration we can specify the label, url, imageUrl, options, click, visible, this is already given in the documentation link for buttons. Using click we can specify a js function to be invoked when the button is clicked.

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