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DB2 v10.1 database on WINDOWS 7.

Can somebody share about creating a database backup of the DB2? I could not find detailed instructions.

Thanks in advance for any help in this matter

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might like to have a glance at db2 features - amolnpujari.wordpress.com/2009/08/29/… –  Amol Pujari Dec 28 '13 at 7:11

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Have you tried looking at the documentation? Perhaps the "Data Recovery Reference"?


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In a db2cmd window type \DB2 HELP BACKUP\ for more complete command syntax. The simplest form of the command is

DB2 BACKUP DATABASE <database name>

Optim Studio in 9.7 and 10.1 and Control Center in 9.7 have GUI's to assist with these tasks as well.

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For a local backup you can use a simple command line command also provided in the other answers:

db2 backup database <name>

If you want a more automated solution that's more for "enterprise" then you should look into IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for example. DB2 supports making backups to network storaged TSM on the fly with incremental backups without disrupting the local database from working. I.e. you can run queries while the backup is running.

For TSM you need log archiving enabled on the database, you can do that with command should be:

db2 update db cfg using LOGARCHMETH1 TSM

After you have enabled log archiving you can create a backup script and schedule it:

"C:\IBM\ProductName\db2\BIN\db2cmd.exe" /c DB2.EXE backup db WPSDB user <DOMAINUSERNAME> using <DOMAINUSERPASSWORD> online use tsm include logs

Here's a link to a full tutorial: http://www.codeyouneed.com/db2-backup-using-tsm/

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