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I want to compile this PL/SQL program in the SQL window that belongs to the Database Home page:

DEFINE p_annual_sal=60000
     v_sal NUMBER(9,2):=&p_annual_sal;
     DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE('The monthly salary is '|| TO_CHAR(v_sal));

When I hit run I got the following message: ORA-00900: invalid SQL statement

Eventhough it works under SQL*Plus of the command line, what it could be the issue? Thanks

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It works in SQL*Plus because DEFINE is a SQL*Plus command.

When you refer to the "database home page" I believe you're referring to Oracle Apex's SQL Commands window, which can run SQL and PL/SQL code, but not SQL*Plus commands.

You can do this instead - Apex will prompt you for the input bind variables, if any:

     v_sal NUMBER(9,2):= :p_annual_sal;
     dbms_output.put_line('The monthly salary is '|| TO_CHAR(v_sal));
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thanks for your help, now is clear –  Layla Oct 5 '12 at 4:54

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