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I am working with the YouTube API's ability to capture a list of videos. I am curious as to why the response from the API does not match-up with what I see on YouTube. I have read the reference material and I do not believe this to be a caching issue as the videos in question are years old.

As an example, consider the following link:

The top 10 results returned:

  • Just Jammin
  • So Much For Love
  • Muy Tranquilo
  • Orchestrated Incident
  • Liquified
  • While I Was Playin' Fair
  • Solidified
  • Defying Gravity
  • Still Night (Gramatik Remix)
  • So Much For Love (again, different video thougH)

By contrast, consider the following API query:

The top 10 results:

  • Just Jammin'
  • So Much For Love
  • Muy Tranquilo
  • Liquified
  • While I Was Playin' Fair
  • Solidified
  • Still Night (Gramatik Remix)
  • So Much For Love (different)
  • Hit That Jive
  • Knight of Cydonia (Gramatik Remix)

Why the discrepancy? As far as I can tell my query should return identical results.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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I can confirm your results ... my experiments did the same. You may have hit on the fact that the website uses a slightly different algorithm than the one exposed through the data webservice. I tried with v2 of the API rather than just v1, and my results were slightly different from both of yours. I just requested access to the private beta of v3, and if it's granted we can see if it offers a fourth permutation or if it's the same as the website (i.e. could have already implemented the algorithms lying underneath the on-the-horizon API). – jlmcdonald Oct 6 '12 at 6:27
Thank you so much for looking into this! I had not considered the fact that different versions of their API would be releasing different information. Very interesting! Do let me know if you get access to v3. :) – Sean Anderson Oct 6 '12 at 17:55
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The services are slightly different. The signals are weighted differently for each service. You should expect to have the top videos be the same.

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